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Transportation to and from your site
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Our Services

Soothing Touch To Go delivers a mobile massage service – bringing portable equipment and supplies needed to offer a total relaxation experience at your location.

Licensed & insured massage therapists
Professional massage chairs
Relaxing music

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience, promoting relaxation and body and mind well-being.

New Clients

We want to ensure that every event is personalized. We will work with you to design the relaxation experience that fits your needs.

We specialize in chair massage and wellness programs for the elderly as well as for employees at corporate events and guests at private parties.

Relaxation brought to you

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Soothing Touch To Go 

What are some of the benefits?

Nourish self healing, reduce stress, promote sleep, restore balance and harmony, boost energy and immune system as well as produce feelings of well being.

So what does a wellness program or event look like?

We make it simple for you to schedule your event.
Our flexible” Relaxation At Your Door” programs are sure to fit your wellness needs.